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This Drone Phone Case Camera Will Change The Way You Take Selfies


Credits: kickstarter/selfly

Just a couple of months ago, we saw the “AirSelfie” drone taking the popular trend of selfies to new horizons, and now, “Selfly,” another startup, seems to be doing something similar.

‘Selfly’ is a camera-equipped flat-bodied drone that can be attached to an accompanying smartphone case and bring a new perspective to your pictures. To use Selfly, you simply need to take it out of its case, fold out the motors/propellers and just throw it up to snap a perfect selfie.

Credits: Kickstarter/selfly

The drone will autonomously hover in place while using its 8-megapixel camera to send real-time videos to the companion iOS/Android app. The app can be used to maneuver the aircraft via Wi-Fi connection and compose the shot by using on-screen joysticks or by tilting the phone.

The 9 mm thick drone can transfer still pictures or recordings of 1080p/30fps. But its 650mAh battery only runs for five minutes, which is probably the only drawback of the unique concept.

Credits: Kickstarter / selfly

The company claims that its adaptor can fit on all 4-to 6-inch phones, with dedicated cases for the

“iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy 7, Galaxy 7 Edge, and Nexus 6,” as claimed on their Kickstarter campaign.

Credits: Kickstarter/selfly


They have already reached $843,682 pledged of the $125,000 goal with four more days to go. You can get your hands on the device for $99 only, although the planned retail price is around $139.

Would you like to get this incredible product for yourself? Or would you prefer to wait till a gadget comes with a longer battery life? Comment below!

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