This Cute Foldable Selfie Drone Will Follow You And Take Awesome Selfies

caged selfie drone2

The problem with most drones used to take photos and make video logs is that they are just too big and clumsy with their propellers lying around the open. One cannot expect to be able to take them everywhere and operate with ease. With this cute selfie drone named Hover Camera, you can now have yourself followed by this compact, safe and thoroughly entertaining camera and wherever you go, it will follow you!

caged selfie drone3

First of all, what is likable about the new drone is its small size and folding manoeuvre. While it is already very small compared to other drones in the market like DJ Phantom 4, its wings are foldable and it can fit inside a small hand carry bag with itsĀ 182 x 132 x 32.5 mm (7.16 x 5.2 x 1.27 in) dimensions. Apart from that, it has a truly unique feature which makes it a much safer flying machine than any other of its competitors. It is the addition of a Carbon fibre protective casing around the rotors which makes it possible to grab it and carry around easily irrespective of whether it is working or not. Now you can handle your aerial photography drone much more easily.

Also, there is no need to prep it for taking off. Just take it our on your palm and it will immediately start hovering and following you through its facial recognition system. It can shoot detailed 13-megapixel pictures while in the air and also record 4K video as well as 360-degree panorama that have been associated with these selfie drones for some time. The flight stability is remarkable and it is shown in the blur-free snaps.

caged selfie drone

While in the air, you can have it follow you or stop and take a complete 360-degree panorama. What makes it different than other drones is that it follows you not by GPS but by optical flow from a downward facing camera and a visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and mapping) process from the front camera. Now the follow-me feature no matter which technology is usedĀ has been offered by many companies but only a few have lived up to it like the lily drone, Phantom 4 and 3DR. The Lily drone, in particular, has raised more than $34 million mostly due to an effective PR campaign.

The Hover Camera will be available in the summer for pre-orders. It is quite amazing as it is practical. Here is the promo video of the drone:


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