BMW Just Unveiled Its New Motorcycle Smartglasses – And They Cost $750

BMW Motorrad is generating buzz with their latest innovation, the “ConnectedRide Smartglasses,” showcased at BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin. These smart glasses, designed specifically for motorcyclists, incorporate head-up display technology and are set to hit the market soon at a price of EUR €690.00 (USD $750).

The ConnectedRide Smartglasses connect seamlessly to a smartphone via Bluetooth and an accompanying app. Utilizing head-up display technology, they project information onto the lens, providing riders with essential data such as GPS navigation, current speed, and prevailing speed limits.

While the glasses may offer some extraneous information, their real value lies in enhancing safety during rides through unfamiliar territories or foreign countries. However, it’s important to note that the battery life is limited to approximately ten hours. To address this, riders can utilize a lockable box on their bikes with a live USB port, enabling quick recharging during short pit stops.

These smart glasses come in Anthracite color and include two sets of lenses: one tinted and one 85% transparent. Available in two sizes (M and L), they offer a comfortable fit with various helmets thanks to customizable nose pads.

Before setting off on a ride, riders can conveniently adjust the projection position and customize settings using the smartphone app. BMW Motorrad has also considered the needs of riders wearing prescription glasses by offering an RX adapter (+/- 4.5 diopters), which can be ordered online directly from the provider.

The ConnectedRide Smartglasses by BMW Motorrad are not limited to BMW owners; they are designed to impress motorcyclists with their exceptional performance and rider-centric design. Whether riding in familiar environments or exploring uncharted territories, these smart glasses are aimed at enhancing the overall riding experience and safety.

With their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, BMW Motorrad supplies two sets of certified UVA/UVB lenses with smart glasses. One set is optimized for helmets with integrated sun visors, offering 85% transparency, while the other set features tinted lenses, transforming smart glasses into stylish sunglasses.

The ConnectedRide Smartglasses by BMW Motorrad is poised to revolutionize the riding experience, combining advanced technology, user-friendly features, and a focus on safety.

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