This Humanoid Robot By NASA Is Heading To Australia For Testing

NASA’s Valkyrie humanoid robot is being sent to Australia for extensive testing. The robot will be tested by Woodside Energy in Perth, Western Australia as part of an agreement with NASA.

Woodside Energy will test the robot’s software and provide feedback to NASA, focusing on developing remote mobile manipulation capabilities for unmanned and offshore energy facilities.

“Valkyrie will advance robotic remote operations capabilities which have potential to improve the efficiency of Woodside’s offshore and remote operations while also increasing safety for both its personnel and the environment. In addition, the new capabilities may have applications for NASA’s Artemis missions and for other Earth-based robotics objectives,” said the NASA statement.

NASA hopes that the tests conducted in Woodside’s facilities will help them design robots that can work in dirty and hazardous conditions, similar to those found on the Moon and other planets.

The robot will perform tasks such as inspecting and maintaining infrastructure and plants that use resources and materials to create new items. These activities could eventually enable astronauts to sustain themselves in space by utilizing local resources.

“We are pleased to be starting the next phase of development and testing of advanced robotic systems that have the potential to positively impact life on Earth by allowing safer operations in hazardous environments,” said Shaun Azimi, lead of the dexterous robotics team at NASA Johnson. 

“These demonstrations will evaluate the current potential of advanced robots to extend the reach of humans and help humanity explore and work safely anywhere.”

Valkyrie and other advanced robots have the potential to allow humans to supervise dangerous work remotely and handle repetitive tasks, which is crucial for missions like Artemis and establishing a long-term presence on the Moon and other planets like Mars. NASA also plans to use the software developed for Valkyrie in future robot releases.

To facilitate the testing and training process, NASA’s dexterous robotics team from Johnson Space Center traveled to Woodside’s headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, where they delivered the Valkyrie robot and provided training to the Woodside team on its operations.

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