Apple iPad Air 2 Will Be The Most Secure Tablet To Date


Internet is flooded with iPhone 6 mock ups and what not, however, there is another gadget from Apple that will soon be catching attention and as per the rumors; it is the most secure gadget of its kind. According to the news that is coming in from Korea, the suppliers are buckling up in order to begin production for the iPad Air 2 later this month.Apple iPad Air 23

From what we have been told, it will support the 8Mp camera which was the highlight of iPhone 5S as well, shall come with an enhanced processor and hopefully shall have the Apple’s fingerprint scanner in order to unlock the device once it has been locked. Add to this mix the new and improved security features that have been announced by Apple for iOS8 and you are looking at the most secure tablet ever made.Apple iPad Air 22 Apple iPad Air 2 5

Rumor has it that the displays are already in production for the tablet and hopefully the gadget will be released by the end of October 2014. The iPad Air 2 will have the same screen size as iPad Air (9.7 inch retina LCD display) with a resolution of 2048×1536. Speculations say that it might have the same thickness as well; 0.3” and will weigh around 470 g. We believe that the iSight technology will also be included in order to cater to the low-light shots and slow motion video filming. The processor, as mentioned earlier, shall be updated to A8 which is 50% faster than A7.Apple iPad Air 2

Whether all these speculations hold any water or not; Apple is known for surprising its users (in a good way) and we believe that this time won’t be any different either! Check out the youtube video below for more:

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