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The Earin 4

We could actually have written an introductory note to this article but oh well, we are too excited to bring you the news right away, so without further ado we bring to you; Earin – The smallest wireless ear buds in the world. The ‘Earin’ has been created by a team of engineers led by Olle Lindén – a mechanical and design engineer.

The idea, as per Olle, was to come up with ear buds that would help the users get rid of the mess that wires create and allow for a perfect fit in the ears while providing a high quality experience. The Earing weighs in at 5 grams and comes with a plastic casing that has a silicon tip located at the end, which has been incorporated to allow for a snug and noise-free fitting inside the ear.The Earin

The diameter of the buds measures in at 14 mm whereas its length has been recorded at 20 mm. So, in short, they are quite similar to the conventional ear buds minus the messy wires and use Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 for playing audio from paired device seamlessly.

An armature speaker was used for the ear buds, the same that is usually used for hearing aids. As per the development team, it allowed them to manage higher outputs with higher energy efficiency and helped them in keeping the size to a bare minimum. The ear buds are powered by a 50 mAh Li-ion battery that is rechargeable and a single charge can survive for continuous 3 hours of playback after which, the user can make use of the storage capsule that has a 100 mAh Li-ion battery embedded and is capable of charging the ear buds. The capsule itself can be charged via USB cable and weighs about 25 grams.The Earin 5

Despite the fact that the company offers three different foam tips, they still do understand that the ear buds can easily fall off when the user is subjected to shocks and in order to prevent that from happening, a ‘Concha lock’ made from silicon has been incorporated into the design. This lock attaches to the ear buds and makes use of a wing nestled along the ear’s inner part in order to come up with a secure fit.The Earin 3

Olle is no amateur when it comes to ear buds and music, for he has been working with Sony Ericsson and Nokia previously, where his job description included designing audio components for the phone architecture. He says the idea was born five years ago but it is only now that the technological advancement has allowed him to turn the dream into a reality.The Earin 2

The team is right now offering sets of Earin buds and the charging capsule for $168 on Kickstarter. The functioning prototypes have been created already and the team is using crowdfunding in order to launch the product into the commercial market and has high hopes for starting the shipping in January 2015.

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