This Alarm Clock Will Donate Your Money To Charity Every Time You Hit The Snooze Button

Waking up in the morning is easy for some, but for heavy sleepers, it is an absolute nightmare. Before the advent of alarm clocks, most people naturally woke up at the crack of dawn but nowadays, one can barely survive without one. For a deep sleeper who keeps hitting the snooze button, the ordinary alarm clock is just not enough. The alarm clock market is flooded with ingenious new ideas, some of which could wake you up from the dead. There is an alarm clock that will wake you up with a cup of coffee, which is incentive enough to wake up but there is also one that will shock you if you snooze. Other clocks have been popular that either run away or shred money if you don’t wake up but the SnuzNLuz alarm clock comes with a fresh new idea.

Credits: Think Geek

The SnuzNLuz has a simple principle; “if you snooze, you lose.” Every morning when your alarm rings and you make the mistake of hitting the snooze button, the system donates money to an organization you abhor. Really, in case you were thinking that you sleeping would give money to a good cause, it actually won’t. The alarm clock will not sound useful to someone who has a stash of money just lying around, but if you don’t, the alarm clock will just serve its purpose right.

You can plug this extortionist alarm clock manually through an RJ45 jack or connect it to Wi-Fi. A web browser embedded into the clock will let you configure the snooze settings. There are over 1,600 listed banks from which you can choose, pass through the login section, and then look through the list of over 6,200 charities and non profit organizations that the device supports. While some may be deserving, there will be a few absolutely ridiculous, and well, they would be the ones actually keeping you from touching the snooze button, ever again. The minimum amount to pay is $10, and quite honestly, that is a lot for a few minutes of sleep. The SnuzNLuz alarm clock itself costs only $39.99, and if the fear of losing $10 to a stupid cause can make the morning zombies wake up, this is totally worth it.

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