Self Lacing Shoes From The Back To The Future Movie Sell For World-Record $52,500

The concept of self-lacing shoes was first introduced in the iconic movie Back to the Future 2. While it took a couple of decades for the concept to become a reality, Nike recently pulled the feat off with their Air Mag self-lacing sneakers being revealed in 2016.

Now according to media reports, these futuristic shoes have been sold at an auction for a jaw-dropping $52,500. This is a record-breaking price paid for collectible sneakers at an auction, breaking the previous record of $32,500. The Nike Air Mags were put on auction by the company Heritage Auctions for the first time as part of their The Future is Now collection sale. Other objects included a mix of rare pop culture items, urban art objects, and various types of “street art.”

Last year, a similar pair of Air Mags sold for mind-boggling $104,000 in a private auction in Hong Kong. But since it was a private charity auction, raising money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, it can’t be considered for the record. The proceedings of that auction went to the foundation which helps people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

So unless you are in a mood to shell out millions of bucks, you’re probably better off tying your laces the old fashioned way for now!

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