Spéciale Cutting Board With A Built-in Knife Makes Cutting A Breeze

If you ever wanted to cut like those world class chefs with their snappy choppy swift movements, here’s a knife made just for you. The Spéciale Damascus 17 inch knife will aid you in cutting anything with supreme efficiency without ever running the risk of losing a finger on the board.


The knife is attached to a pin at the end of the cutting board which allows the knife to move freely up and down as well as swivel across the cutting board, giving you the complete freedom to chop to your heart’s desire! From cutting fine cheese to some veggies, you can slice off anything! After all the action, the knife can be detached from the pin and hung on the wall until next time.


Here’s what the creators have to say about the special design of the knife,

“Our Damascus Knife can spin around the board and make cutting easier, it does not just work its way up and down but right and left as well. We’ve spent a lot of hours finding a way to attach our custom knife on our walnut cutting board that spins it around. We finally developed a built-in brass pin. We made the brass pin removable so when any of the parts need to be cleaned, including knife and pin, will be able to disassemble. The whole system is incredibly intuitive, the knife swiveling along the surface of the cutting board in order to reach any food item that you place on it. The idea is to give value to good quality food and having it with enjoyment.”


The board is made out of original walnut, and the handmade Damascus knife is embellished with a rosewood handle. You can have all this and more for just $90!

Visit their website or the Kickstarter page to learn more! Watching the video below ain’t a bad idea either!

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