Man Was Tired Of Noisy Upstairs Neighbours So He Created This Building Shaker For Perfect Revenge

If you have noisy neighbors who don’t care about anyone else’s comfort and peace, this device is probably the best solution to teach them a lesson. It happened with a Chinese man named Zhao, who was fed up with his neighbor’s noisy son. The boy next door always jumped around and disturbed him all day and night.

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So after trying and failing to reason with the neighbors, Zhao decided to buy a “building shaker,” which apparently is a thing in China and appallingly also legal! These building shakers are not marketed  to take revenge from your noisy neighbors but are a perfect way to retaliate with neighbors who will never spare your soul. This device makes noise inside the user’s apartment akin to an air conditioning unit while wreaking havoc in your neighbor’s house.


Photo: Taobao

It costs only 400 yuan ($58).  The building shaker is easily available on online retail giant Taobao in dozens of models and brands, going as low as 76 yuan ($11). The devices are created to produce strong vibrations through the wall, with even higher versions claiming to create the effect of a power drill reaming into the floor.

Photo: Taobao

The devices are so intrusive and noisy that the neighbors will have to shout to hear each other over the loud noise, let alone sleep in peace. The constant vibration is also annoying, and the best (worst?) of all, the models can even be timed with a smartphone which allows them to function remotely.

So Zhao bought one of them while drenched in the feeling of vindictiveness, and turned on the building shaker at 8 p.m., on Friday before leaving the apartment for the weekend. The noisy upstairs had to taste their own medicine for whole two days, with the drilling sound and vibration by the mobile device was annoying the jeepers out of them. They tried to call the police and the property management, but since the instrument was inside the locked apartment, no one could do anything until Zhao came back.

The police were already waiting for Zhao when he got back on Sunday afternoon, and he was made to immediately turn off the building shaker, although it’s not clear whether he paid a fine or not for the revenge scheme. TOMO News reports that Zhao and his neighbors have now made peace and agreed never to bother each other again.

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