20 Ridiculous Repair Fails That Will Make You ROFL


Having a knack for repairing things with your hands and working on those DIY projects is a good habit ONLY if you have some semblance of aesthetics and craftsman skills. Otherwise, you get some horrific and downright hilarious results such as below!

1) Yeah, Kissing That Boo Boo Will Probably Not Fix This Wreck!

2) When You Don’t Pay Attention To Your Architecture Class

3) Not Sure If Painters Or Daredevils!

4) You Don’t Know The Struggle Behind That Continuous Electricity Supply!

5) When You Are Tired Of Your Life


6) Maybe The Owner Can Only Fit Through The Garage Door! 

7) I Swear There Was No Tree On The Construction Sheet!

8) Probably A Sign That You Should Stick To Home Decoration Instead of Customizing Cars

9) Where Are All The Haters Who Said My Nickelback CDs Are Good For Nothing!

10) I Hope Nobody Notices The Broken Window

11) Got A Sinking Feeling About This!

12) Trust Me, I Am An Engineer!

13) When You Are Too Poor To Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioner

14) When You Keep Losing The Goddamn Converter Every Day!

15) Why Stop At Six Flashlights?

16) It Was About Disability Awareness And Empowerment, Bro!

17) If It Can Work For Your Face Then, It Surely Can Work For Your Car!

18) Someone Who Takes “Recycle The Container” Sign Too Seriously!

19) Yeah …. You Probably Shouldn’t Be Enrolling In That Handicrafts Class

20) Literally Reinventing The Wheel!

Which of these repair fails made you laugh out loud? Comment below!


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