Guy Creates A Working Remote Control For His Bulldog. Here Is How It Works

Remote control Dog

We already saw researchers working on building technology to remote control dragonflies, but this might be even more amazing thanks to its simplicity! No intensive research required on this device, as a YouTuber builds a mechanical backpack that can control a bulldog by swaying a wiener in front of him to make him move!

William Osman has designed this smart device to “bio hack” his family’s English bulldog Barkley. The backpack uses the basic carrot-and-stick concept to guide his dog using a remote control.

The video doesn’t entail all the technical details of the concept, although Osman does give a list of all the mechanics once the backpack is fully assembled. But if you are interested in building this wiener backpack for your own dog, he has uploaded detailed Instructions complete with Arduino code and COSMOS files to help you out!

Feeling sorry for the dog chasing that unreachable carrot, but hey at least the creator got to make a cool YouTube video! Maybe next time we’ll get to see the man teasing a cat with a laser point, can’t wait for it!



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