15 Life Hacks That Are Utterly Useless And Even Dangerous


These professional “life hacks” are literally useless but at least they are good in bringing a smile to your face. From using a toilet seat as a plate to saving precious time by adding toothpaste to meals; these life hacks are 100% guaranteed to fail to help you in any way possible.

Pictures via Bored Panda.

1) Heat Up Your Snacks Using Your Laptop Chargers!

2) Why Waste Time On Brushing Teeth When You Can Put The Toothpaste On Your Food (Mr. Bean Inspired)

3) Don’t Want People Bumping Into You? This Genius Thorn Coat Should Do The Trick!

4) This Is A Lesson On Saving Space Which I Can Live Without

5) Say Goodbye To Onion Tears Thanks To This Legit Facemask!

6) Why Buy A Heater For The Winters When You Can Reverse Your Air Conditioner To Get The Same Effect?

7) If You Ever Get Your Rice Into Too Much Water, Simply Put Your Cellphones To Dry It Off (Or Was It The Other Way Round?)

8) Use Your Toilet Seat As A Plate. It Will Save You From Your Wife’s Arguments For Not Putting The Toilet Seat Down! WIN WIN!

9) Sign All Your Blank Checks At Once To Save Time In The Future (And Send Over The Check Book To Me For “Safekeeping”)

10) The Best Way To Sneak A Snack Into An American Cinema!

11) Probably The Only Way We Are Getting Out Of These Loans!

12) Why Buy An Air Can When You Can Wash Your Motherboard Instead!

13) Free Food Forever!

14) Say Goodbye To The Tangled Earphones With Some “Johnson’s No More Tangles”!

15) I Can Vouch For This One Because Of Personal Experience!

Do you plan to use one of these life hacks? Comment below!

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