Watch How This Man Converts A Rusty Butcher’s Knife To A Brand New Blade

Rusty knife restored

As mechanical and brute as the grinding process sounds, it sure has a bit of poetic scintilla. The sight of scratching and mauling a surface in the most grueling fashion to reveal the unique hidden beauty of an object is truly metrical and magical, at least to me! The video below builds the same case, as a man revives a highly rusty and discarded cleaver knife through sheer determination and constant effort.

The knife was extremely rusty, with some pitting on the blade going deeper than 2 mm (0.07 inch). The YouTuber tried to use sandpaper at first, which obviously did not work. But after switching his tools with faster and rougher materials; the knife came back to its shining self in no time.

Watch the video below, and hey, NEVER give up on anything because, with persistence, you can achieve everything!

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