YouTuber Uses Math To Climb On A Wall Like Spider-Man

It’s not very complex maths but it’s maths which makes it just the same.

Let’s face it! We have all wanted to be superheroes, but not many of us have had enough guts to try it out. Fortunately, for the least, we could now see someone attempt it in real life, out of a superhero movie.

Liam Thompson, a renowned Youtuber, did it just like the spider-man. The guy with a simple technique did the trick and videotaped it to witness the real-life superhero.

As per the video, his adventure began when he knew how strong a Flex tape could be. He happened to witness a guy lift a very heavyweight with the help of it and thought some couple of more combined could easily lift his body weight against a wall, just like the spiderman. It’s simple but clever thinking at the same time.

Upon knowing the strength of a flex tape, he calculated if attached one to each of his hands and feet would allow him to climb the wall. Once done with the calculations, he then moved forward with a simple yet smart plan..

The question here is whether he was successful with it. Thompson made it clear that once he manages to stick against a wall for 30 seconds would mark his success.

Liam Thompson mentioned that the trick should be done on a wall that has no paint on it. The reason for that was the paint would stick to the flex tape given its high strength to attach to a substance and would tear the paint off, and you’d unexpectedly fall while attempting the climbing trick. The whole experiment sounds a bit crazy, but what crazy is not fun to watch? Enjoy!

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