Smart City In China To Use Artificial Intelligence For Knowing Citizens Better

The smart city project will know what coffee you like and deliver your favorite drink to your doorstep. But where else will this data go? Smart City In China To Use Artificial Intelligence For Knowing Citizens Better

The housing project in China will put artificial intelligence in charge of things, as per the known information. Everything in the smart city will be managed with robots, from as big as the public transport to as small as handling a local grocery store.

Chinese tech company Terminus discussed plans to build an AI-run campus development with Danish Architecture firm Big. The discussion and planning took place via an online meeting between the two firms.

Could We Trust Artificial Intelligence

For the project’s advertisement, the Terminus group states that the smart city is all about its residents. The robots are said to deliver coffee, and office chairs will re-align automatically. However, the risk of getting that information into the wrong hands stays the same.

The smart city project has been named ‘Cloud Valley.’ It will use wifi connected devices and sensors to gather every minute detail of its citizens’ activities and living patterns.

In one way, if we think, technology might be taking us back to the integrated living of older times. Where people used to know much about each other and the information was mostly wide-spread.

The Cloud Valley project was launched in April and built on about 13 million square feet of land. For you to have an idea, this equals approximately 200 football grounds.

Terminus’ AI City Plans

A senior researcher at the British Advocacy group, ‘Privacy International’ said that smart cities risk human rights. And governments and companies don’t ensure that there is a limit on surveillance. Another concern prevails with the development of these smart cities as to how it will affect the lives of those who are not tech literate.

All these concerns on privacy should be taken seriously as there is no existing legal framework limiting the government from obtaining the data collected via private firms.

The team at Terminus look-forward to develop a smart city where you wake up to an artificial intelligence-based helper, and it plays a supportive role in managing all your tasks throughout the day. The future living is not far for sure.

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