Guy Makes Washing Machine Fly With Massive Trebuchet

Now we wonder if the trebuchet could fling a car, a space rocket, and other heavy weighing things.

It is a wooden structure with four wheels and a spoon. And was considered one heck of a tool to make the first move on the enemy back in the 13th century. However, with the invention of modern weapons, these ancient war tools are good enough to be used in fun-filled experiments, as in this Youtube video. A crazy mad scientist uses it to throw a washing machine in the air; what happens next is what awaits you in the video.

13th Century War Tool

Quite a popular Youtube channel, Colinfurze yet comes with another interesting experiment in which he builds a huge trebuchet and then uses it to throw a washing machine far off. The video’s description says that it is as big as possible for it not to get stuck in the warehouse. The channel has always been a catch; however, they have gone to the next level of craziness with their latest experiment.

Mind this; the experiment will get you shocked as the trebuchet flings harder than you can ever imagine. Hence, it makes thinking of how far the washing machine could go, and seeing the real deal are two entirely different things. Adding to the fun, the Youtuber sings ‘I believe I can fly,’ which is quite a relevant song to this experiment.

The video is shot using a drone camera, and interestingly, the videographer does a crazy job too. Making the video a whole lot of fun. Know this that watching the experiment, you’d ask yourself questions if it could make a car or a space rocket fly too? And to cater to those, the Youtuber said of coming with such experiments anytime soon again. Enjoy!

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