3 Ways To Travel On A Budget For Students: COVID-19 Edition

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The global pandemic has played its part in changing many people’s plans regarding their vacations. It has been about a year since it has kicked into gear. 

Still, many people are dissuaded from traveling. You can outright forget about flying abroad. And while domestic transit is still available, it is highly discouraged by the authorities. This is probably the worst possible time to be a tourist.

There is a good reason to maintain self-isolation and refrain from traveling. Staying at home is the only reliable way to avoid the spread of the virus. But after a year of sitting within the walls of your house going out to stretch your legs simply becomes a need. 

So if you absolutely can’t help it – do your best to travel responsibly to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.


Flying was and still is one of the easiest ways to reach your destination. International flights are almost non-existent at this point. But you still can use a plane for domestic travel. 

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It is commonly believed that using a plane exposes you to potentially catching the virus. And while it is true (the only way to be absolutely sure you don’t get infected is to lock yourself in the house and stay there), flying has actually a relatively low risk of infection. 

The air filtration system airplanes use minimizes the risk of spreading the virus. So if you are following all the safety guidelines – your chances of getting infected are very small.

The amount of domestic commercial flights has been reduced. But with some effort, you can still find an affordable one. If you are traveling on a budget it might be a good idea to start your planning by finding plane tickets first. 

Building the remainder of your trip around the most suitable flight is a common practice. It gives you the most freedom in picking the most affordable tickets out there. 

Rent a Car

Using car rentals is probably the safest way to travel today. Renting a personal vehicle minimizes contact with other people. So you can get to your sightseeing destination without the need to sit by the side of a stranger for prolonged periods of time. Depending on how far you want to travel, this approach can have certain downsides. These include but are not limited to:

  • Logistical issues;
  • Cost;
  • Time constraints.

The longer your journey is the more meticulous should your planning be, especially if you are traveling alone. To top it off, being the only driver can get quite exhausting which can negatively impact the impressions from your vacation. And finally, here go the costs. While car rentals can be called cheap, the cost of fuel can build up over time, making it even more costly than flying.

A rented car is a perfect solution if your traveling distance is relatively short. Alternatively, you could grab a couple of trusted friends. 

They will help you stay safe during an extended road trip and can help you cover the car costs. Plus having a backup driver is always a good idea. It can save you in an emergency situation. Or you could just use them to drive in shifts to get some rest.

Of course, traveling behind the wheel is way less time-efficient than flying. Depending on your preferences it can be either a curse or a blessing. 

A good road trip is rarely about the destination. Set up a road trip playlist, grab a bunch of friends, and enjoy your time together. In good company, it won’t matter whether you are in a five-star hotel or in the backseat of a worn-out car.

It is also a go-to option when you are heading for some obscure destination. A car is one of the most versatile means of transportation. And a remote retreat is one of the most sound choices considering the COVID situation. 

The farther away from the civilization you can get during your vacation – the better. And a decent car is the best way to do it.

Train Ride

If you want to find a middle ground between the first two options – you can go old school. A train ride is an experience in and of itself. Some hate it and some absolutely adore it. 

Regardless of how you personally feel about it, it can be a suitable alternative to other means of transportation in case other options are unavailable. Remember that the safety regulations apply to this type of transit just as they do to plane flights.

The one downside of traveling by train in the USA is that the railroads are fairly scarce. You can use it to transition between major destinations on the map. 

If your vacation is a little bit off the beaten track – you will have to do some extra legwork to reach it. And in some cases, a train might not even be an option. On the other hand, it’s reasonably affordable even for a student.

Final Words

The COVID pandemic is definitely a serious problem that has had a dramatic impact on a global scale. Almost every country in the world has mustered their resources to make their contribution to the war against the disease. Still, even with the combined powers of all the world governments, the real responsibility lies with regular people. Their decisions are the most important factor.

That said, the nature of the COVID problem we are facing has caused much unnecessary panic. People are constantly going overboard with their safety measures which makes their lives way more complicated than they should be. 

Traveling is definitely one of the most affected parts of our lives. So if you do decide to step outside despite the quarantine – make sure you are well educated on the dangers it entails and how to avoid them. 

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