Youtuber Tests The Effectiveness Of Face Masks For Covid-19 Using Fire

COVID-19 And Mask Effectiveness Experiment By Uncle Rob

A YouTube user, Uncle Rob, has carried out a demonstration that shows the masks’ effectiveness. The experiment was carried out in his backyard. The materials used included two mannequin heads, a propane torch, a camera, and two masks. The video was recently posted on YouTube.

COVID-19 And Masks' Effectiveness Experiment By Uncle Rob

This science experiment was carried out to show just how easy it is for coronavirus particles to be transmitted when we are not wearing masks. Uncle Rob says at the start of the video, ‘Today we’re going to figure out definitively if these masks work or not.’ He carried out cough simulation at distances of eight, six, four, and two feet away. How? He had a propane canister with spray-trigger attached to the back of a mannequin. By pulling the trigger, he was able to simulate the cough.

He starts by spewing beer from a distance of eight feet – simulating a cough or a sneeze. This isn’t exactly a scientific approach, but it sure is effective. He then uses a spray-paint can and isopropyl alcohol, but they both fall short. The ‘ether test’ sprays about as far as the ‘sneeze-cough-spit’ demonstration.

COVID-19 And Mask Effectiveness Experiment By Uncle Rob

That leads him to cut out the interior of a mannequin head for adding a starter fluid spray with a. spray-paint handle connected to it. Once it is inserted, he is ready to use this contraption as a ‘coronavirus gun.’ He then installed a propane torch to a stake and placed it in front of the mannequin’s face and lighting it. In his words, he made it ‘so we can test whether the masks work or not.’

So, basically, if the flammable gas that he sprays from the coronavirus gun gets ignited from the open propane tank, it would imply that the mannequin on the right has become infected with COVID-19. Distances of six and eight feet seem to pose no evidence of any danger. Multiple experiments have also highlighted the dangers of proximity and the higher possibility of coronavirus transmission.

Check out the video of Uncle Rob below and let us know what you think of this experiment.

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