Guy Builds Machine That Shoots Chocolate Into His Mouth On Voice Command

Everyone has chocolate or a sweet lover inside of them. At some point, we all have dreamed of having a device throwing sweets and candies our way.

Harrison Mclntyre went a step ahead and turned his fantasy world dream into reality. He built a machine that throws chocolates and sweets on voice command. It is just as amazing as it sounds, Harrison won’t need to leave his chair to grab some sweets.

The chocolate throwing device automatically launches M&M and other sweets whenever he asks Alexa for chocolate. Echo aims and shoots M&M candies at his face at 23 mph. Sounds pretty interesting!

Another exciting thing about the device is that it has a 3D printed launching mechanism, and it just works like a tennis ball machine. For the fun part, the candies can be replaced with other small objects.

The best part of Amazon Echo design and build is that it just not throws candies your way. It detects the face, calculates the velocity, angle, and distance between the hungry person’s mouth to make the perfect shot.

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