YouTuber Creates World’s Largest Dry Ice Bubble In A Swimming Pool

For the people who have never heard of dry ice bubbles ever before, here is something amazing new for them to discover. The fascinating bubbles are formed by adding some dry ice to a container of water and, lastly, passing a soap dipped string over it.

Once these are mixed, it forms a continuously growing bubble rising from inside the container. Youtuber Liam Thomson decided to take this experiment to a whole new level by forming a bubble as big as possible.

As he advanced with the experiment, he used a large container, and the bubble that popped out of it was a sight to see.

In the next step, he used a kid’s pool; however, it was a bit struggling as he faced difficulty finding a soap string that would work in the multiple versions of his experiment.

He utilized a helping hand from her sister as the experiment wasn’t possible without a pair working on it. Eventually, he traced out a way that worked perfectly well for his best results in forming a massive bubble.

As amazing as it seemed, it craved Thomson for more, and he went on further experimenting with an adult size swimming pool. Watch the video below on these gigantic dry ice bubbles. It will also make you learn a new fun activity to do when with friends.

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