Watch These Professional Drivers Play Real-Life Pac-Man On Caterpillar Machinery

Caterpillar entered the video game market with their latest activity. Well, don’t take it literally for games on the app store or steam; it won’t show there. CAT has recently released media on their ground moving machinery where you can witness a cross over with revered cult PAC-MAN classic. The Cat Trial 9 event mark Caterpillar’s 95th and PAC-MAN’s 40th anniversary, respectively.

PAC-MAN And Ghosts Hit The Board Again

Caterpillar’s first trial series was devised with a game of Jenga in 2014. Cat conducts these events to prove the effectiveness and immense capabilities of its machinery. It met the game’s challenges, successfully building a 41 feet castle of sand and a tug of war with the world’s strongest man. These events made it popular on the internet. The machinery even won a Guinness world record.

Caterpillar brought the pixelated arcade to live-action with these augmented reality trials. The famous game of chase PAC-MAN was reimagined in these trials, reflecting the versatility of heavy-duty machinery in the realm of technological advancements.

PAC-MAN, Similar To Construction Sites

Global marketing and brand director for Caterpillar Victoria Keese Morrissey said that these trials are designed to delight and surprise our customers and prospects, and people outside our industry. 

Ghosts pose challenges to PAC-MAN, which strike a unique metaphor for obstacles present around each corner. POWER PELLETS are a representation of the role Cat dealer services playing in helping our customers overcome these challenges.”

The video below shows five players guiding caterpillar machinery in a way that replicates the PAC-MAN game in real-life. The whole concept is filled with fun. However, not to forget, they played it to showcase the immense capabilities of its machines. Not only the game, but the track was also dug using Cat machines.

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