YouTuber Creates A 4-Cylinder Engine That Weighs Only 3 Pounds – And Works Just Like A Normal One

Meet this tiny four-cylinder engine that has been fabricated by a Youtuber named JohnnyQ90. This small-scaled engine that weighs just three pounds (1.5 kgs) is one of the practical examples of microelectronics that has been demonstrated by this Youtuber in his DIY experiment. To harness the power of this engine, an incredible “Stirling kit” which originated from Hong Kong serves as the backbone of this fun project. This DIY-er has reportedly done an outstanding job by bringing out this incredible piece of the miniature engine by transforming the model into the most widely used engine these days.

You will be astonished to see the video embedded above as the engine parts that are taken out of the box are actually for a “flathead engine”, also known as a side-valve engine. This is something which you don’t see in the engines of the modern cars coming out these days because the concept has been taken from older engines. Nowadays, the valves are put above the engine instead of on the sides of the engine, which is even more efficient and accounts for a smooth flow of fuel as well.

However, these flathead parts of the engine are engraved in the kit to give a vintage look to the experiment and to make the project more interesting. Modern engines are most common these days, so this 4-cylinder engine based on an ancient concept with a modern touch of assembly is unquestionably a fascinating idea. Although the engine is smaller compared to the size of modern-day engines, the kit encapsulates the detailed features of the engine, which makes its fabrication a little bit more difficult.

Coupled with this, you need to keep in mind the tiniest of details of the valves in order to get them assembled in the right way. Information regarding the valve lifters and hands-on experience in setting out their values is a must if you want to make this small engine operational. Moreover, fuel, coolant, and oil lines all need to be done right before you start operating the engine by igniting the fuel.

On that count, this incredible kit falls within the price range of $1000, but this huge price will definitely be worth the fun and meaningful learning. You need to purchase a starter kit as well, for $150, before you purchase the actual kit to get a first-hand experience. But the good news is that you can get a discount of $200 if you fall into the initial customer base. So, hurry up and get your hands on this incredible kit. What are you waiting for?

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