This YouTuber Has Made Wooden Wheels For His Bike – And Their Range Might Surprise You


This YouTuber is taking wheels to a whole different level as he brings us an interesting experiment this time. He has come up with a pretty cool idea of manufacturing a bicycle with wooden wheels. But wait! That’s not the crux of this video. This is because you can easily get a vivid idea on how to construct a bicycle with wooden wheels by a simple Google search. Fanciful notions aside, the Youtuber has actually tested in a video how far he could go with this wooden-wheeled bicycle and how smoothly it can cover a distance containing obstacles of all sorts, ranging from little jumps to terrain. This video sums up all these details pretty nicely. Hence, to get all these insights, watch the video embedded below:

As we know, it’s not a normal bicycle that we use in our everyday routine. Its tires are made of wood, and this is going to be a very unique and thrilling experience for all of us. It’s really exciting to see what’s in the pipeline, as we know little about the specs of the project. However, at the start of the video, the YouTuber simply attaches the wooden wheels to the bicycle by doing a “YouTube search”, and it is certainly a bit nicer to look at. Furthermore, as the video proceeds, the Youtuber goes on a small practice ride around the same area that he used for manufacturing this bicycle.

This is because the area consists of little bumps, so it would be better to test the performance of the bicycle. Guess what! The bicycle rolls smoothly and in an exceptional way. Although the ride was very smooth, he found a very high bearing on this wooden-wheeled bicycle, primarily because of the wooden nature of the wheels. He further reveals that the bicycle becomes heavier and slower due to the wooden wheels. However, later on, he went on to a local pump track, which is an urban area, to test the performance of the bicycle in a different location.

The bicycle ran exceptionally smoothly, and the wheels didn’t break at all. That was crazy! Not only this, but the YouTuber has also taken a ride in a lot of other locations, but the most interesting of all was when he started to dwindle downstairs with his wooden-wheeled bicycle. Yes, you heard it right! And even after that, the wheels were all good to go on another mission. The experiment was remarkably amazing, urging us as well to try this pretty cool experiment and go on a spree!


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