Youtuber Converts Ordinary Bike Into A Folding One Using Her DIY Skills


Youtuber Laura Kampf shows all the steps to transform your everyday bicycle into a folding one. The steps shown in the video are pretty easy to follow, and the convenience you’d earn as a reward is a much big, win-win situation!

DIY Fold Away Camping Table - YouTube

It was a need for Laura; hence she found out ways to make these changes to her bike. She lives in Germany and found herself unable to travel by train, as she couldn’t get her bike along. She started cutting her bicycle in two upon knowing that taking a folding bike to the train is not a problem.

She used some heavy tools and showed some real creative skills to complete this impressive conversion. With the help of chain saws, she managed to cut the frame in two. In the next step, she connects two rectangular pieces of metal using parts from the bike’s chain.

The chain connected metal pieces helped in folding the bike. Locks are used to keeping it stable while in bike mode and are released to fold it, making it easier to carry along. I have one word for the way she makes things work in the process, and it would be ‘incredible!’

Watch the video to learn how to convert your bike into a folding one. It will also inspire you on how to make things work!


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