This Marble-Dropping Music Box Produces Beautifully Complex Sounds


Music gadgets are getting increasingly more popular and let you do pretty much everything except cook a meal. This newly discovered music box follows in a similar vein offering pretty much every interesting feature possible.

Martin Molin’s new invention, “Music X,” grabbed everyone’s attention when it first hit the internet. This fantastic machine used around 3000 components and a hand-turned crank to drop marbles in sequences onto acoustic and electric surfaces, both producing some breathtaking music as a result.

Another appealing fact recently revealed was that it has a tribute act. Hulten designed a tiny version of the same machine, which he named ‘Machine XS,’ where the key elements were taken from the actual one. This small version not only looks perfect, but it also sounds like it has around 20 instruments hiding in it, fascinating!

Furthermore, while giving some insights, he shared that it took nearly eight months to build this fantastic machine. Since he couldn’t source the blueprints, multiple attempts were made while working on it to get the perfect version in place. Indeed, innovation comes from trial and error.

Before giving it a try, you should know that all the sounds that you’ll be hearing are generated by the marble machine, with the only exception being the background layer and the lead pas created by none other but Bivalvia Synthesis.

While watching this video, you will observe the instruments in motion creating the magic as the designer smoothly moves it with his hands. According to the YouTube description, it has 16 instruments in total, but you can program nearly 128 bars of music with it.


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