Youtuber Converts His Lawnmower Into A Mini Tank

People come up with crazy ideas every now and then. Same happened with the Youtuber who is famous for his channel “Bourbon Moth Wood Working” while he was mowing the grass riding his lawnmower. He thought why not convert this machine into a mini tank.

As he always amazes the audience with his mad woodworking skills, he didn’t fail to amaze us this time. With the help of using woodcutting techniques and tools, he just transformed it into a potato cannon machine while its core function kept on working just the same, “cutting grass.”

He created and connected a wooden frame around the mower, and the legs of the mower were let to stick out so he could still ride it. In the next step, he placed and connected wooden panels all around the wooden frame giving it a mini tank shape. The transformed mower was then painted in a grey tank like shade, and even tank-like turning tires are installed to give it a complete look.

He added the design of a moth and a badge of COVID-19 after the Paint Job. Watch the complete video of converting a riding lawnmower into a mini tank in the video. The guy undoubtedly possesses some excellent skills.

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