Guy Builds His Own Invisibility Shield And It Is Super Easy To Make

Inspired by a Canadian company that happened to build an invisible shield last year. This guy demonstrates how easy it is to make one for your own with the materials and products available on the internet.

All of us have thought of having superpowers at some point in our lives. I wanted to become Spiderman, some wanted to fly just like Superman. The same was with having the power to be invisible, a lot of us just desired that we did activities and roamed around when no one possibly could see us.

The guy demonstrates how to become invisible, if not knowing how to fly without airplanes, this is something that now we know. Science is taking folds in technological advancements, and scientists predict it to be soon when a light-reflecting cloak of invisibility might completely be able to make you a ghost.

DIY projects are trending for a long time now. People use Youtube as the platform to demonstrate creative inventions. With loads of information available just on one click and getting almost everything online is making people go crazy with inventing cool stuff. The end product in this video is surprisingly good as, literally, nothing could be seen behind the glass.

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