Guy Builds A DIY Skateboard With 3D Printed Tank Tracks

Now and then, we see Youtubers building exciting stuff in their videos. Previously, people created DIY electric skateboards with installed motors; however, this electric skateboard is different and more equipped as it comes with Tank Tracks, making it an all-terrain Skateboard.

Nowadays people living in big cities are pretty familiar with Electric Vehicles, Uniwheels, Scooters and whatnot, amazingly an electric skate with Tank Tracks is new for all.

Well, it seems like Youtuber Ivan Miranda was ahead of all and came up with this fantastic idea. The new design has enhanced the use of skates, people can even go for mountain skating, and it sounds so exciting.

The tracks of the skates are made of 3D printed Polylactic Acid. It is installed with brushless DC motors, utilizes a Lithium Polymer Battery, and is controlled through an RC transceiver. Ivan plans to make some changes to his design of skates. He is working on making the tracks narrower by removing the unnecessary lengths. Side plates and metal bars will be aligned in a way making its response to the path even better.

Ivan has done some crazy projects. He, using a 3D printing technique built a tank in the past and faced some objections on it being a suspension less tank. Ivan took the challenge, made the changes, and delivered his idea.

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