Youtuber Build’s World’s Fastest Canoe Powered By Two Jet Engines

The Hacksmith, a Youtube channel that never runs out of great ideas, has built the world’s fastest canoe powered by a couple of jet engines, and it is louder than you think. Ever since jet engines have become available for the larger masses, people have been experimenting with them installing on pretty much everything. This one is different as no one ever used a jet engine on a water boat.

Jet engines have become available to larger masses in recent years, and people have been having a go at putting them everywhere. One notable example being the Bone Shaker, a monster jet truck that comes equipped with a J79 turbojet that generates 18,000 horsepower.

While it is relatively easy to imagine a truck at that speed, a canoe is a stranger to such rates with its calm nature. After the alteration, the boat becomes a monster that can generate a total thrust of 143 lbs with two jet engines producing that a noise that will make you feel like a fighter jet is passing overhead, which makes it worth a watch.

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