Guy Mounts A 200 Watt Laser On His Car And It Can Burn Anything Down

The Youtuber who came up with this Laser from China is pretty famous for doing all new crazy experiments and recording them for his viewers. He does all the weird stuff ranging from exploding arrows to burning stones and ham with a laser.

He wanted to do the laser experiment but unfortunately was forbidden to get one from his hometown. He took a business trip to China and brought this deadly laser, which passes through objects by burning them into holes.

In the video, he burns several objects and even ham and bread with the laser. He tests the laser’s deadly effects by cutting a piece of wood and making a hole in stone in seconds.

After being done with testing, he builds equipment, which enables him to mount the laser on the roof of his SUV. The remote with the extended equipment lets him shoot a laser at objects like a Corona bottle, which broke into pieces in a fraction of seconds. The laser is dubbed a death ray as it is capable of vaporizing your retina before you even know what happened.

A little tiny, 100 micrometers in diameter fiber is used to pass the 200 Watts of energy and converts it into a laser so powerful that it can reach the moon. Seeing this demonstration in the video, you’ll get to know that nothing possibly can stay in the path of a laser beam. At the end of the video, he shoots the laser towards the sky, making sure that there were no flights scheduled in that direction.

It is crazy to see the laser with night vision since it looks like a “death ray.” It is incredible how the beam goes on forever, and the possibilities are endless in any direction.

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