You Won’t Believe This Apartment Building In Russia Exists For Real

Strange building in russia-3

Russians are famous for doing things differently. The urban idiom ” Only in Russia” is a testament to the weird things that can happen there. We recently came across this building in Russia that looks too thin to be real when seen from the front. However, give a detailed look to this building and you will appreciate the creative architecture used to build this building.
Strange building in russia-1 Strange building in russia-2 Strange building in russia-3 Strange building in russia-5 Strange building in russia-6 Strange building in russia-7


  1. Gerald Ortman Reply

    Like the flat-iron building in New York City build on a triangular lot it the first quarter of the 20th century.

  2. mike rigley Reply

    Are the ‘red’ bricks painted on? they seem to be peeling off. That or a large bird has left it’s mark down the side of the building 😉

    • lillie Reply

      No, they are just red clay bricks and they are not too good building material as they started breaking into pieces by now. Those houses should be demolished already. They are examples of soviet house building at the times when nothing was available. No proper bricks, no cement, no proper roofing material etc.

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