This Small Boxed House Kit Lets You Build Your Own Home In 6 Hours

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Today’s article is about how flat pack mini house is seeing a spike in sales in certain countries and how they are trending these days. The one we shall be talking about today comes from and will cost you £6,500.
Flatpack house The company’s founder Mark Burton is quite happy with the company’s product and says that the sales are going pretty well. The idea is to provide you more space without having to shift from your current home and to do so in a way which is acceptable by authorities.

Flatpack house 4The base for this particular model measures about 15×8 ft and needs to be placed on a level ground. So if you do plan on building it, we suggest you level your garden first because a strong base will allow for a stable building. The wall panels which are included in the package measure in at 6’ and there are a total of 16 panels which have been numbered so as to make their fixing easy and seamless. Other than the 16 wall panels, there are about 200 other wood pieces which go in here and there in the house. A large quantity, but crucial if you want a strong a durable house built. Mark Burton has hand-written a 7 pages instruction book for those who wish to take up this challenge. The kit also includes hardware to mount the wood gables. The package also includes a hand scale model which will help you visualize how the finished product is supposed to look like.

Flatpack house 3The best part is that the wooden framework for this awesome house has an MDF board pre-fixed on the inside. Why is it the best part? Well, because this means that your interior is all set for paint once you have the structure ready. The panels need to be screwed down to base and then need to be screwed together as well to come up with an assembly which is strong enough to support a roof. Once you are done with the walls, add the pointy gable and then install the ridge beam. The next step is that of rafters and addition of a waterproof membrane and then you may install the wooden cladding on top of the sheet, finally finishing the roof work. Afterwards, you are supposed to add cladding to the vertical walls. People have reportedly completed their homes in 6-8 hours time.

Mark says; ‘I’d like to see some land set aside to set up a village of tiny homes. You often have elderly people living together in mobile homes — why not have younger people doing the same, but in these sort of things?’

The finishing details include the glass for windows and then you may move on to further details pertaining to interior; floorboards, painting the wall and lastly the furnishing.

Flatpack house 2The house is spacious enough for 1-2 persons and can be used to store a lot of your items. Owing to its design it does not feel crammed up when you finally sit down here to watch movies or to play cards. Plus since it is small, hence heating it does not take much time. Oh and if you don’t want to build one by yourself and if you are that much of a lazy bum, you can order a pre-fabricated one as well.

A perfect thing for those who are looking for space without moving out to new place!

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