This Amazing Floating 7 Star Hotel Will Accomodate The 2022 Qatar World Cup Guests

Floating Hotel 2

Architecture and construction industry are surely going through a age of revolution where we are witnessing a number of bizarre new ideas being put to test.We have seen some really unique buildings and designs being executed so perfectly that one is left amazed.
Floating Hotel What we have today is a conceptual design for a hotel that will be accommodating the guests for the 2022 world cup being hosted by Qatar. Why is it such a big deal? Because the hotel is a ‘floating’ hotel and well, if that doesn’t excite you, then we don’t know what will.

Iceberg_exterior_big03.jpgThe conceptual design comes from a architectural firm from Finland, Sigge Architects, and it is being reported that the authorities in Qatar are pretty interested in the idea.  From what is available in terms of information, we know that the hotel will generate its own energy, will be treating the waste and water on its own and hence, shall be putting no burden onto the resources of state; a big reason why the authorities are favoring this design.

If the design does turn into reality, we shall be seeing suites which will be very luxurious and shall come with private access, shops, spa situated on rooftop, gym, pool, nightclubs, restaurants and what not! Not to forget the breathtaking view that will be available owing to the fact that this hotel shall be afloat.

The design was completed in collaboration with the Almaco Group whose expertise lies in marine structures and their construction. The company has plans of building the hotel off-site and shipping it later to the docking site. The site will be close to the World Cup venues and you may very well expect the hotel to be moved elsewhere once the World Cup finishes.

Floating Hotel 5 Floating Hotel 3A spokesperson from GAM Group says; ‘This is a true five star hotel on water with all the same amenities as in a typical five star hotel – restaurants, conference centre, shopping centre, spa, night club, speciality restaurants, bars, major rooftop pool area, hotel rooms, suites and a parking garage.’ According to Almaco, the tenants of this hotel will have ‘the additional experience of floating on water and all around access to exceptional views.’ It further says; ‘A floating hotel is a viable option for areas where land is scarce, fully developed or challenging to develop.’

The other peculiar thing about this hotel is the fact that the exterior can be customized to suit the location where it will be located and the firm has left room for a garage which can be incorporated to provide more space for parking.

Floating Hotel 4All in all, if they do execute it and bring the hotel to reality, it will be quite a great feat of architecture.

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