Chinese Engineers Build A 17000 Ton Flyover Bridge And Rotate It Into Place

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Brilliant engineers in China have become the world’s first to build part of a massive overpass and rotate it into place so as not to disturb railways passing under the bridge. The 17,000 ton section at Wuhan City, was swung into place after being constructed parallel to the high speed railway track.

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The whole process took only 90 minutes as engineers rotated the section 106 degrees on a 15 meter high axis. This intuitive solution was a first for China, but was necessary because this part of the railway was considered too important to be shut down temporarily. Upon completion, the 256-meter long overpass will span 11 railways including the 1,428 mile long Beijing-Guangzhou service.

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The bridge will be open for traffic by the end of this month. With the country’s high speed rail network being the largest in the world, it is no wonder that the engineers did not deem it feasible to halt the track beneath the bridge. The necessity pushed the engineers to come up with a creative and innovative solution, proving that engineers can make anything possible.

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  1. jesus martinez Reply

    Something that I am missing in the pictures ?, the bridge seems to tower way over the trains
    and poles over the railways. I am sure it needs to swing, but I can see it by the pictures.

  2. Anwar Soomeo Reply

    This is how brillient engineer do best of there skills to facilitate new achievement for for the betterment of the people

  3. Yunto Reply

    It is sastrobahu system, the founder is Indonesian engineer. It has implemented since 1990 to build toll wiyoto wiyono high way.

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