New Skyscraper In China Has A Circular Shape

Guangzhou Circle Mansion 4

The advancement in technology and science has led to many great discoveries and has enabled us to refine so many of our techniques and put many concepts into the world of reality. As far as the construction industry goes, it has advanced a great deal from where it stood a decade ago.
Guangzhou Circle MansionWe have seen so many wonders, so many concepts becoming reality and they have been executed successfully. Today’s post is about one such architectural feat as well!

Guangzhou Circle Mansion 3A.M. Progetti is an Italian Architecture firm which has recently completed a wonderful feat of engineering in the shape of a skyscraper which is nothing like your usual skyscrapers. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a circular shaped, yes that’s right, it is a circular shaped skyscraper which is located in Guangzhou, China. It is being called the Guangzhou Circle Mansion.

Guangzhou Circle Mansion 5The building covers a floor space of 85,000 sq. m and has 33 floors while being 452 ft high. The circular hole present in the building has a diameter of 157 ft. As of now, the building is sporting Guangdong Plastic Exchange, a hotel and some other office units. The idea for this mansion was not inspired from doughnut but rather it has more ‘traditional’ value. According to the designers, they were inspired by the jade discs which are considered valuable in China and the numerological tradition that stems from Feng Shui.

Guangzhou Circle Mansion 2Number eight is considered lucky in China and those of you who remember, Beijing Olympics started at 8:08 am, on 8-8-2008 for the same reason. The peculiar thing about this skyscraper is that when reflected in the river nearby, its shape is similar to that of number eight. Although people have been reported saying it is just a rich businessman’s  circle, we would still like to commend the architects for pulling this feat successfully.
Check out the youtube video on this project:

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