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You Won’t Believe But This Tiny Hut In A Backyard Has One Of The Best Home Cinemas Inside

Watching a movie can be a life changing experience if it done properly. A big screen makes all the difference, right? However, the prices are increasing and we need to find a fix for this problem. The Torii Cinema Co. has come up with a way to keep on watching movies on the big screen without spending too much! Check out the project below and let us know what you think of it.

As is with everything, it began with a plan.

Ashley Yeates who is also the builder and founder of Torii Cinemas was in charge of building the framework.

Installation of walls was completed.

Rafters in the ceiling were installed as well.

Lighting was added to the mix.

A porch and shingles made the shack blend in quite well with the backyard.

Here you go, looks like an amazing garden shack or a guest house, right?

However, just walk inside and…

State of the art home theater awaits you!

Plush velvet seats with some traditional touch.

Candy to complete the theater experience!

What’s playing? Whatever you feel like watching!