6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World

6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World 6

Watching a movie is one heck of an experience and one of the most used time pass technique. Now the only question that remains is how you can enhance the experience even more, make it better if you will. We have compiled a list of 6 amazing cinemas from all around the world that are capable of transforming the meaning of let’s go to a cinema phrase. Check out the list and let us know what you think.

6. Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World 6

Welcome to Sci-Fi Dine In Theater Restaurant that is actually a part of the Disney World. It features one of the most unique themes you can encounter in Disney World. The idea was derived from the ‘Drive In Theaters’ and now you get to sit under the stars in cars that belong to 50’s era and can hold a total of 6 persons. You can dine while you enjoy the movie and the waiters wear roller skates and act as carhops to impart a more realistic feeling.

5. Blitz Megaplex, Indonesia6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World 5

This amazing megaplex features a party room, cinema, blitzShoppe, blitzGameSphere, Satin lounge, 2 Satin Class auditoriums and two RealD 3D auditoriums. It is also famous for its amazing 4DX technology that makes use of some really cool gadgets such as Motion Chair, Wind, Scent, Light, Bubbles and Water that imparts the feeling as if user is really in the film. It has the largest screen and seating capacity in the country.

4. Rooftop Cinema, Melbourne, Australia6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World 4

Time to shake things up a little by saying goodbye to the indoor cinemas and finding some amazing place to watch a movie. This top of the roof cinema is the perfect solution. It is located in Melbourne’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.

3. The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World 3

This is most comfortable place to watch films that also offers grand cinema experience. The cinema can accommodate a total of 30 persons with amazingly comfortable sofas, blankets and pillows. The snacks can be ordered and are delivered on your designated seat.

2. Hot Tub Cinema, London6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World 2

It has 20 hot tubes along with two screens and a surround-sound system. A tub can hold 6 persons and people enjoy movies with cold drinks.

1. Cinespia, California6 Amazing Cinemas From Around The World

Welcome to an open roof cinema that will blow you away. It offers pre-show DJs, themed photo booths and even occasional visit of celebrities featuring directors, actors and filmmakers.

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