5 Crazy Bridges That Push The Limit Of Design

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Different kinds of terrain demand that the architecture is designed according to them. Bridges are no exception, and we have covered some amazing designs individually. Here we have compiled a list of five of these bridges that are magnificent to look at, and they would give probably a better experience than any joyrides you have around your local Joyland! They are scattered all over the world so you can find one nearby and enjoy it.

1. Langwaki Sky Bridge, Malaysia

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Although it is no Skywalk, the Skybridge is a decent 125-meter long walking pedestrian bridge at 2300 feet above from sea level. Its curved design offers breathtaking views of the tropical landscape around the bridge. It is one of the biggest attractions in the country and a true engineering marvel.

2. The Eshima Ohashi Bridge

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This crazy two-way connects Matsu and Sakai Minato in Japan. It rises steeply and then makes uncomfortable turns. Do check the brake oil in your cars before entering this bridge. The double lane of traffic hardly makes things easier.

3. Rolling Bridge, London

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We have seen parting bridges like London bridge that can be lifted to make way for ships underneath. But this bridge makes things lot easier as it can be simply rolled up! It is even portable, and it can be used to cross small waterways or ditches. In London, it can get you across the Grand Union Canal.

4. Dragon King Kong Bridge, China

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Changsha Meixi Lake District, China is home to a beautiful pedestrian bridge that goes on for 185 meters and has a height of 22 meters. You must have heard of Moebius rings that feel so Chinese about them. It gives excellent views of Dragon King Harbor and Meixi Lake.

5. The Helix Bridge, Singapore

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It is the world’s only double helix pedestrian bridge. The design is heavily inspired by the structure of DNA itself. It has some viewing platforms that give excellent views of the city’s skyscraper laced skyline. At the World Cultural Festival, it won the award for Best Transport Building of the World. You can see all of the Bay from this point!

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