These Hexagonal Tiles Made From Wood And Cement Can Absorb Heat And Sound In Any Room

These Tiles Can Absorb Heat And Sound 4

These hexagon tiles have been created by ‘Form Us With Love’ and are more than just a pretty sight for your sore eyes. These tiles offer amazing heat insulation, heat retention and sound-absorption properties. They have been created from an environment-friendly material. The firm, based in Sweden, teamed up with Träullit, the only manufacturer of ‘wood wood’ cement board in Sweden.These Tiles Can Absorb Heat And Sound

Spruce has been used in this project and its fibers have been bonded with cement to come up with a material that is inexpensive and features the required thermal properties. The cement imparts moisture resistance, strength and fire protection. The manufacturing process is quite easy as well. Wood slivers are cut from logs and mixed with water and cement finally placing them into molds so that they can be set into shape. For this particular project, the shape was a hexagon.These Tiles Can Absorb Heat And Sound 3

These hexagons can be arranged on the wall as per user’s requirements and wishes and allows quite an abundant room for being creative with the choices of color that are being offered. They can be affixed to the wall magnetically (requires a thin metal sheet to be put on the wall first) thus allowing the user to change their pattern whenever user feels like it or for a more permanent setting, the user can have them glued or nailed to the wall.These Tiles Can Absorb Heat And Sound 2

As per product data, the wood wool can even out humidity levels by ‘absorbing moisture from or emitting moisture to the ambient air’. These wood wool panels are also capable of storing heat by capturing it from the ambient and releasing it when air temperature falls. That’s not all; these tiles are also capable of sound absorption. As per Traullit, the material ‘reduces reflection of sound, dampening noise and contributes to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces.’

They don’t particle or dust matter and can be cleaned quite easily by simply running the vacuum cleaner over these tiles. In short, they are an economic, sustainable and functioning product that also aesthetically complements the area they have been installed in.

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  1. Masood Khan Reply

    What a fabulous Idea. You have made worth full thing to whom who are living in hot areas. Good looking, inexpensive, heat proof. You have done a great Job.
    Have a nice day ahead.
    Stay blessed.
    Agha Masood Khan
    Karachi. Pakistan.

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