You Could Soon Give Your iPhone A Physical Keyboard With Real Buttons

In a nostalgic nod to the era of physical keyboards on mobile phones, Clicks Technology unveils its debut product at CES 2024—a physical keyboard iPhone case designed with input from renowned phone industry YouTubers. Priced at $139, the Clicks keyboard offers iPhone users the tactile feel of real buttons, promising a throwback experience reminiscent of earlier mobile devices.

Clicks Technology’s Clicks keyboard is a fusion of retro aesthetics and modern functionality, catering to iPhone users who long for the days of physical buttons. Compatible with recent iPhones, the keyboard case integrates seamlessly, with options for both Lightning (for iPhone 14 Pro) and USB-C (for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max) connectors. The wraparound case, featuring a vibrant banana yellow or a sleek gray hue, evokes a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of bold designs from the past.

Renowned YouTuber Michael Fisher, also known as Mr. Mobile and co-founder of Clicks Technology, highlights the odd abandonment of physical buttons on smartphones in the press release. The backlit keys ensure night typing convenience, drawing inspiration from the energy of the past. Kevin Michaluk, co-founder at Clicks Technology and known as CrackBerry Kevin on YouTube, emphasizes the meticulous decision-making process behind the keyboard’s design, ensuring an intuitive layout for iPhone users.

While the added physical keyboard lengthens the iPhone, potentially affecting pocketability, it brings advantages such as faster and more accurate typing and a command button for shortcuts. Additionally, users benefit from an uninterrupted full screen while typing without the digital keyboard popping up.

The Clicks keyboard is available for order, set to ship on Feb. 1 for iPhone 14 models and later in Spring for iPhone 15. Operating through a partner app downloadable from the Apple App Store, the keyboard promises evolving functionality over time.

Despite the evolution towards full front screens and digital keyboards, the Clicks keyboard caters to a segment of users nostalgic for the tactile experience of physical keyboards. The collaboration with industry influencers reflects a commitment to capturing the essence of earlier mobile devices, providing users with a unique and nostalgic typing experience.

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