Tesla Has Adjusted Its Electric Vehicle Range Estimates After Facing Scrutiny

Tesla, the electric vehicle company led by Elon Musk, has reduced the range estimates for several of its Model Y, S, and X vehicles in the US. The reduction is up to six percent, affecting certain trims. The Model Y’s Performance trim now has an estimated range of 285 miles, a decrease from its previous 303-mile estimate. The Model Y Long Range has been reduced to 310 miles from 330, and the Model X’s Plaid has dropped from 333 miles to 326. The Model S Plaid with 19-inch wheels has seen a significant reduction from 396 miles to 359.

These changes have not been applied to Tesla’s UK and EU listings, and other vehicles like the Cybertruck, Model 3, and the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive remain unaffected. Tesla has not offered an explanation for the lowered range estimations.

However, Drive Tesla reports that the changes are related to two factors after reviewing internal company documents. The first factor is “comfort and functionality improvements” made by Tesla that require more energy. The second factor is the implementation of revised EPA testing requirements that result in higher consumption and a slight decrease in overall range.

Tesla has faced criticism in the past for over-estimating its range figures. The EPA claimed that CEO Elon Musk exaggerated the 400-mile range for the Tesla Model S Long Range in 2020. Last October, the DOJ opened a probe into Tesla’s estimated mileage following reports that many of its figures were intentionally inflated. Amid customer complaints, lawsuits, and a DOJ investigation, it appears that Tesla has reduced the range estimates for many of its electric vehicles.

Tesla customers have long complained about the range exaggerations, leading to an increase in Tesla drivers requesting car service for this issue. The company created a “Diversion Team” tasked with canceling as many of these appointments as possible. Lawsuits and a DOJ probe into these issues soon followed.

Tesla’s stock (NASDAQGS:TSLA) fell by 0.18% following the news. This move by Tesla could be seen as an attempt to address these issues and provide more accurate range estimates to its customers. However, the exact improvements that led to the increased energy consumption have not been specified.

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