This New Eye-Tracking Window Tech Tells Sightseers About What They’re Looking At

Enhancing the sightseeing experience, South Korea’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) introduces the AR Interactive Vehicle Display, set to debut at CES.

Developed by ITRI, the AR Interactive Vehicle Display is designed to revolutionize sightseeing on buses and other vehicles. The system employs an eye-tracking camera positioned above each window and a transparent microLED touchscreen panel covering the entire interior surface of the window glass. As passengers gaze out the window, the technology continuously tracks their eye movements, combining this data with GPS information to determine the current location and speed of the vehicle.

By analyzing this data, the system identifies the specific attraction the passenger is looking at and displays a corresponding photo on the microLED panel, aligning with the passenger’s real-time view. If the passenger desires more information, a simple tap on the displayed photo triggers the appearance of text boxes containing additional details strategically positioned around the view of the attraction without obstructing it.

This groundbreaking technology extends beyond buses, as it can be seamlessly incorporated into trains, tour boats, gondolas, and various sightseeing vehicles. ITRI has previously implemented similar technology in public aquariums, providing information about the observed marine life.

The AR Interactive Vehicle Display promises to elevate the sightseeing experience, offering passengers real-time, unobtrusive information without needing additional devices. The incorporation of augmented reality into the windows of vehicles represents a novel approach to merging technology with travel, as showcased in the demonstration video below.

As the AR Interactive Vehicle Display prepares to make its debut at CES, it presents a glimpse into the future of immersive and informative sightseeing experiences, emphasizing the seamless integration of technology with the joy of exploration.

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