North Korean Hackers Looted Over $600,000,000 In Crypto In 2023, Report Says

In a stark revelation, a recent report by TRM Labs unveils that North Korean state-sponsored hacking groups successfully stole over $600 million in cryptocurrency during 2023. This alarming figure represents almost one-third of the total proceeds from cyber theft globally, underscoring North Korea’s dominance as a major player in crypto fraud.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has consistently turned to cryptocurrency as a means to circumvent global sanctions and fund its isolated regime, especially in the face of constraints on traditional financial channels due to nuclear weapons development ambitions.

State-sponsored hacking groups, operating under North Korea’s direction, have adopted sophisticated tactics, compromising private keys and seed phrases to drain wallets. Since 2017, these groups have successfully looted nearly $3 billion in total. The stolen assets undergo rapid transitions through various crypto mixers, aiming to obscure transaction histories before being converted into non-crypto currencies.

TRM Labs, in its report, highlights the modus operandi of North Korean hackers, emphasizing the transfer of victims’ digital assets to wallet addresses controlled by Pyongyang operatives. These assets are then typically swapped for cryptocurrencies like USDT or Tron before being converted into hard currency through high-volume over-the-counter (OTC) brokers.

The report sheds light on the adaptability of North Korea’s tactics, citing instances where the regime shifted from using Tornado Cash to alternatives like Sinbad and BitMixer when faced with sanctions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Despite improvements in cybersecurity within the cryptocurrency sector, TRM Labs anticipates continued disruption in 2024 as North Korea explores new vulnerabilities and infrastructure.

The pace of North Korea’s hacking activities, with nearly $1.5 billion drained in the last two years alone, outpaces reform efforts. To forestall further catastrophic breaches, there is an urgent need for coordinated collaboration between public and private entities on a global scale.

Addressing this growing threat requires heightened vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard the integrity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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