Xiaomi Has Surpassed Apple To Become The Second Largest Smartphone Manufacturer In The World

Apple and Samsung have been the kings of the smartphone market for quite a long time now. These are the brands that have set the stage for the future. However, with the passage of time, other companies are catching up and improving their standards. Now, there are multiple other companies that can be compared to these pioneers in the industry. This is probably the most progressive era for smartphone companies.

One of these fast-paced and competitive organizations is Xiaomi Corp. This company is a China-based company that has now surpassed the iPhone maker in the race. This is a giant leap for this tech company as it has advanced so much that one of the most famous phone companies is now secondary to it.

A market research firm, Canalys, has declared Xiaomi to be the second-biggest smartphone maker in the world. This spot was previously held by iPhone. It has a market share of approximately 17% in the worldwide shipment sector. The company has done exceptionally well by working relentlessly on its performance and technology. They have installed the most advanced features and specifications in their products that can come almost at the same level as the veterans of the industry like Samsung and iPhone.

It is good news for customers who cannot afford very high-end smartphones. The features are almost the same and the services include the same level of professionalism as the other rival organizations. The average sale price of these phones is around 40% to 70% less in price when compared to Samsung and iPhone. Xiaomi is focusing this year on augmenting the sales of its high-end and premium products. It has grown around 300% in Latin America, 150% in Africa, and approximately 50% in Western Europe in terms of worldwide shipment.

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