This One-Person eVTOL Could Be The Future Of Personal Transport

With the growing population, stress on roads is increasing in terms of traffic. Moreover, there are several delays and issues that can occur when one has to reach somewhere fast and safely. This is the reason people are inclining towards air travel for convenience and its fast pace. Technology has advanced so much that the concept of flying to wherever you wish to be is not merely a concept anymore. It has been made practical by a startup of air mobility called, NeXt.

The company has made focus on the man’s aspiration to be able to fly and materialized the concept. Sure, there are airplanes and helicopters, but they are modes of transportation with a lot of people and require grand infrastructure for it to be functional. NeXt has created a model that does not require a runway or evacuation along a long radius because the helicopter has to land safely. It is eVtOL which stands for electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

This vehicle is the mode of transportation of the future and has shown promising prospects. The vehicle is named iFLY and is even deemed safe not only for the rider but for the environment. It flies vertically and takes you to your destination fast. The device is made compatible with a mobile application that works both on android and iOS. It needs the rider to enter the destination and it will take one there. It does not require to be monitored or driven. The system is designed to be autonomous.

The vehicle accommodates one person and is powered by eight propellers and eight batteries. The company is working to get the permit for the vehicle to be able to be flown without a pilot license as everything is automated and the function is not the same as an airplane or a helicopter. There is also an emergency parachute for evacuation in case of an emergency. The company has acquired the license recently and is now in search of investors.

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