World’s Most Expensive Bicycle Will Cost You £67000

aurumania_gold_bicycle (3)

A Scandinavian company Aurumania has created the world’s most expensive bicycle. What makes it so special is that the bike is plated with 24-carat gold and even features 600 Swarovski crystals. You certainly cannot leave this bike locked outside.


The company got its name from aurum, which is the Latin word for gold and mania due to their specialty of dealing with only luxury products.The cost of one of 10 examples of this bike is an amazing £67,000. One buyer from London has mounted the bike inside of his home. The mount was also made by Aurumania and is gold-plated just like the bike (in 24-carat gold, no less).

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The bicycle is completely hand-made and the seat and handle bar covers feature hand-sewn chocolate brown leather. The seat is a molded Brooks leather saddle that adds to the nostalgic look of the bike. The Aurumania logo is set stylishly along the cross bar while the limited edition number is placed delicately on a leather badge in gold leaf at the front of the bike.

World's most expensive bike Gold plated bike Gold Plated bike

aurumania_gold_bicycle (3)

The £67,000 bicycle is not just another example of high-end luxury products, but also a display of fine craftsmanship and amazing attention to detail. Would you get one if you had the money?

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