Fan Blows Up His Car While Paying Tribute To Paul Walker


Since the famous Hollywood actor and philanthropist, Paul Walker, passed away last month, fans have paid tribute to the star of the Fast & Furious franchise in their own ways. Walker himself was a car enthusiast and hence, many tributes included automobiles in one form or the other. But one fan took his tribute too far when he set his own car on fire.

burned_ford_focus (1)

Drivers gathered to pay tribute to the actor at a shopping center parking lot in Aberdeen, but one driver decided that it would be a good idea to pay his own tribute by revving the car engine to max for twenty minutes. The driver’s Ford Focus burst into flames as bystanders watched in horror. One fire engine put out the fire, while the driver luckily managed to escape the car without being harmed.

burned_ford_focus (2)

The unnamed driver, has been labelled as “stupid” by fellow drivers with other members of society voicing their own opinions on the person’s irresponsible behavior. Andrew May, a local councilor has this to say about the incident: “I cannot understand the mentality of a person who would do a thing like that… It is extremely fortunate that whoever was doing the revving was not harmed.” A spokesman of Track and Street Grampian said that fellow car enthusiasts and drivers were “embarrassed” by the mindless behavior, saying that, “The person involved sat on the rev limiter for 20 minutes, which is an inexcusable thing to do in any car.”

burned_ford_focus (3)

The car was sent to the scrap yard after the fire was put out, and it is unclear what happened to the driver. One thing is for sure though, the driver (and probably owner) of the car will have to live down a lot of embarrassment after his reckless actions.

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