World’s First Shoppable Video Is Here

Say Hello to Future – Shop-able Video 3

Over the decades there has been a shift in the marketing strategies and shopping trends. We have experienced a paradigm change in shopping style where most of the shopping is done online. Well, this was inevitable, you can check the product over internet, read the reviews and order it with a single click. Moreover, in most of the cases you get the chance to return the product and get your money back as well. However, today we will talk about the latest development in this sector which comes from Swell NY, an advertising agency based in New York.

Say Hello to Future – Shop-able Video 4Swell NY has come up with a great strategy for their client; Kate Spade, which is a fashion brand. This strategy, that has become a reality is a web video ad that is shoppable. Hard to understand?! Let us help you understand.

Say Hello to Future – Shop-able Video 5Swell NY made use of Google Lightbox and HTML5 to create a banner that is capable of letting its users select any product that they want with a  single click and without having to navigate through a number of pages. Mary Beech, Chief Marketing Officer Kate Spade, said; ‘What we really liked is that the technology provided an immediate, seamless, shop-able element that enhanced the experience, rather than pulling you out of it.’ She also stated that owing to the response they have been getting through the social media and their website, this progression seemed only natural.

Say Hello to Future – Shop-able VideoTo check out this awesome idea click here.


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