Inside A Helicopter Manufacturing Factory in Russia

Helicopters In Russia

Our today’s post is about how they’re manufacturing helicopters in Russia. A joint company which belongs to the ‘Helicopters of Russia’ and ‘Agusta Westland-Helivert’ is located in Tomilino village at Moscow. The joint company is being called as HeliOvert. Today, we will give you a pictorial guide of how helicopters are being made here.

Helicopters In Russia (1)Agusta Westland designed civil helicopter AW139 is currently in production at Helivert. This particular model is in demand all over the world.

Helicopters In Russia (2)It’s a huge factory and covers around 40,000 sq. m area where around 15-20 AW139 helicopters are expected to be manufactured each year.

Helicopters In Russia (3)Helicopters In Russia (4)A total of 125 workers are employed here and a total of seven assembly areas have been designaed.

Helicopters In Russia (5)The company believes in implementing newest technology. Say hello to the new innovative system of hatches.

Helicopters In Russia (6)Over here mounting of fire-extinguishers, avionics’ shelves and harnesses is carried out.

Helicopters In Russia (7)Afterwards, Mounting of main landing gears, control panels, heating and air conditioning system and flight control devices is carried out.

Helicopters In Russia (8)As you can see, the area is kept quite tidy and clean.

Helicopters In Russia (9)Finally the mounting of engines, main gear box and tail boom is being carried out.

Helicopters In Russia (10)Afterwards, electrical work, avionics and mechanical machinery checks are carried out for quality assurance

Helicopters In Russia (11)Ready-to-use cabin.

Helicopters In Russia (12)This is where the water test is carried out after which the chopper goes to paint-spraying room.

Helicopters In Russia (13)And finally, the finished product.


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